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❤️Daniela Soltera❤️ ☎️WhatsApp: +584242419533☎️, .
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❤♥❣Daniela Rodriguez❣♥❤
Hello!! I am VENEZUELAN, 24 years old, single, without children, currently a professional in my country, I DO NOT HANDLE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, I had to translate the text so that they can understand it, I AM LOOKING FOR A SINGLE MAN INTERESTED IN FORMING A BEAUTIFUL AND LASTING STABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH PLANS OF LIFE, I am an affectionate, sincere, tender and very educated woman as well as faithful and honest.
I am a lawyer, and I want to leave Venezuela, I would like to be able to start a new life in the United States with a man who is really interested in loving me, I am looking for a faithful, stable, responsible and hard-working man with whom I can feel safe and cared for .
I want to get married, have children, form a family and have a home where we can both be very happy, I am a very humble woman, my country is going through a humanitarian and economic crisis, there is no quality of life here and most of the people who They train professionally, they leave Venezuela for other countries, I have family in Orlando, Florida, but it is not a close type of family, since my early age I have been self-serving, and even when I am young I am a very focused and organized woman in what I want, I NEED A MAN WILLING TO HELP ME AND GIVE ME ALL THE SUPPORT POSSIBLE, I don"t want to have a partner just for help.
Honestly I have very good and beautiful intentions with my search, I am a single woman, I only live with my mother who I want to help her, I want to get ahead, I want to achieve my goals and dreams, I want to love with all my strength and feel valued as a woman, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT AGE, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT PHYSICAL, I just want to be with a man who is willing to show me with his heart and with all the strength of his being, that he really wants to be there for me regardless of the adversities of life.
I have all my travel documents in order to travel.
I DO NOT DRIVE IN ENGLISH, I only speak Spanish.
I am a very faithful and homely woman, I like to read, watch TV, exercise and I love a good wine with a soft jazz to relax.
I like dogs and I love to cook.
In fact I cook very delicious hehe!! My grandmother used to say that a man falls in love with a woman because of her good food as one of her important qualities.
As part of my other qualities, I love sex, I love racy romps, sexy clothes, and I enjoy good romantic evenings when it comes to pleasing the man.
It fascinates me to put heat to the relationship and romance.
The truth is, I want to be with a safe, trusting, kind, noble man, with good feelings and willing to be loyal even from a temporary distance, I dare to have a long-distance relationship while I travel to the United States to meet.
I want to spend the rest of my life with an affectionate, attentive man with an incomparable personality. I want to be with a stable man who can give me peace of mind in everything I need.
I long to get ahead to help my beautiful mom, I long to always be happy and calm knowing that I finally found the true love of my life.
I want to be able to have a stable life, and a better quality of life for myself and for the future children I want to have with the right man.

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